Wide-Set Structural Band Saw Blades

Wide-Set Structural Band Saw Blades.

The metal fabrication and manufacturing industries are two of the toughest and most competitive businesses in operation today.

From several viewpoints, there are different issues to consider in order to remain successful, competitive, and to continue to attract new customers.

The quality of the product being produced may be the most important factor to consider in this market. Customers may tolerate some things, but a poor quality finish to any end result product is not one of them.

The same is true for those who supply the products used to produce more products for other consumers.

Being particular about the purchase of high-quality industrial supply products include things like longevity or reliable life expectancy of a product. What most Purchasing Managers or Production Supervisors take into consideration when making purchase decisions.

The band saw blades purchased and used in the metal cutting industry will depend on many factors. Quality product, and in the case of saw blades, how that quality is achieved, is most important.

In fabrication and manufacturing, the materials to be cut will include different types of metals, alloy’s, and exotics. There are also different shapes, structures, and bundles that are used in any cutting process. Each of these unique situations will require the use of a specific type of saw blade for a specific type of material with the end result being to produce a satisfactory cut.

One of the saw blades most often recommended for production cutting is the Wide-Set Band Saw Blade.

The wide-set band saw blade is designed to cut bundled solids, structural, and tubes. It has the capability to handle even the largest cross-sectional structural while also avoiding blade pinching during the cutting process.

The wide-set band saw blade features a custom designed set of teeth on each blade to maximize cutting performance and to help minimize kerf loss.

The tooth geometry of a wide-set saw blade is designed to produce faster cutting rates and increase productivity with less noise; something every saw operator will appreciate. The wide-set saw blade’s design will also provide for a smoother finish and longer blade life; something every Production Manager will appreciate.

Shop Foremen, Production Managers, and Saw Operators have several options to choose from with regard to the blade or blades they will need for the type of product to be cut. Being able to properly identify the correct tooth pitch of a saw blade for the job being worked is probably the most important aspect to consider prior to any cutting procedure.

The wide-set band saw blade is available in pitches from 2-3 to 5-8, and they come in seven different widths to assure that whichever wide-set band saw blade chosen is the correct choice. Especially for bundles and structural cuts.

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