Vibration and Chatter

engine-vibrationsVibration, worn wheels, ill-fitted belts, wobbly blades, and shoddy performance are all the result of bandsaw machine equipment neglect, malfunction, or both.

They are also known causes of excessive noise in operation.

By minimizing these sound issues, work environment is improved while raising bandsaw performance levels.

Below are a few causes for excessive machine noise and vibration with possible solutions to the problem.

Try switching blades — the raker and an off-set tooth pitch might cut down on squeal due to the left, right, off-set tooth pattern on the blade.

Too low a feed rate — increase feed pressure.

Check the guides — if they are cool blocks or bearings, the thrust bearing might need replacing. The cool blocks should be in constant contact with the blade, and if that isn’t the case then squealing will occur. It isn’t an absolute, but when the cool block is in constant contact with the blade, it shouldn’t squeal. Replacing the blocks or applying a new surface could quiet the squeal.

If noise stops when the bearings do, then the bearings are the culprit and need to be replaced.

The drive pulley might be loose on the shaft.

Proper use and application of lubricant and coolant flow based on saw set-up will help decrease noise output.

A properly tuned bandsaw will cut materials with minimal vibration and chatter.

Excess chip generation will create a high-pitch squeal.

Too high speed and feed rates.

Improper blade pitch.

Guides set too far apart will create a low-pitch hum.

Blade tension is too low.

Tooth pitch is incorrect.

Blade issues to include cracking, wear, dullness, or missing teeth will create a click.

Adjustment of tension, guides, and thrust bearings on your bandsaw machine might help as well.

If noises still occur after trying the above suggestions, check the integrity of the chip brush as it cleans the gullets.

Hopefully, at least one of these suggestions will remedy the problem of excessive noise or vibration during bandsaw machine operation.

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