Velox VX-530DSA Bandsaw



Velox of North Carolina has more than 20 years experience in the bandsaw production community and SGS ISO 9001 certification. They provide excellent equipment to the metal cutting industry.

Velox manufactures metal cutting bandsaw machines that can be used in a wide range of applications.

The cutting capacities of their machine models are engineered to process large steel H beams and heavy steel mold forms.

The Velox models come in different sizes, increasing versatility. The smallest machine is a 13” heavy-duty bandsaw and the largest is a 20” industrial sized bandsaw.

Velox provides manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic machines that incorporate the miter option.

The Velox VX-530DSA bandsaw is a double-miter cut saw designed for accurate mitering and precision length cuts. It has a wide-range cutting capacity depending on the miter degree angle, and is capable of cutting most steel types.

This 2039 kg (4497 lbs) bandsaw uses a 1 5/8′ x 19′ x 9 7/16″ size blade, allowing the machine to handle the toughest of required workloads. In addition, the double-miter cut saw has superior features compared with other bandsaw machines.

The Velox VX-530DSA bandsaw can be operated semi-automatically. It has a swivel head that can be manually operated for proper control of feed rate. The vises can be regulated to the appropriate pressure, allowing for a clean and accurate cut while avoiding damage to the materials, increasing productivity.

The VX-530DSA uses a 7.5 hp A/C with one hp for the motor, and a  1/6 hp x 150 L coolant motor.

An installed power chip brush affords proper clearance of chips, keeping the blades clean at all times to maximize blade life. The variable-speed blade has a built in motor inverter to achieve more accurate cuts and also increase blade life. It also comes with a digital blade speed readout, providing appropriate blade speeds for the materials being cut.

A hydraulic blade tension device easily controls and adjusts blade tension. It will loosen tension when the machine is not in use to prevent band fatigue.

A built in malfunction warning light makes it convenient for the operator to detect issues in process to save time, money, and materials. Most malfunctions coincide with feed and speed rates, and the warning light prevents damage to both machine and bandsaw blade.

The Velox VX-530DSA bandsaw is an exceptional machine that provides high efficiency and increased productivity. Depending on operator know-how and utilization, this machine will provide exceptional output and is a dependable piece of invaluable equipment.

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