Velox VX-460DSA Bandsaw

VeloxSaw offers a variety of bandsaw machines, manufacturing manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic models — each with a wide range of features designed for easy operation and heavy duty workload — taking into consideration large steel H-beams and heavy steel mold forms.



A larger model offered is the Velox VX-460DSA bandsaw.

A horizontal model known for specialty cutting of angles with a miter cut capacity, both left and right, of 90°, 60°, 30° and 15° angles.

The 460DSA is a variable-speed drive which helps the saw adjust blade speed on various shapes and angles. It runs at a recommended speed of 106 – 317 per minute feed rate, quick-change capable depending on material requirement. Special speed indicator on a digital display affords ease-of-use, making it an operator-convenient bandsaw with the ability to track blade speed in motion.

The 460DSA uses a  17′ 6” l x  1.50” w blade. Carbide blade guides with pre-roller guides offer accurate tracking. Use of the right cutting fluid stored inside the 14.5 US gal. tank means long production time for the 460DSA. The fluid cools the blade while also removing chips. The powerful and effective rotating chip brush clears the chips while prolonging blade life. The chips are collected in a special chip collecting tray, making it easier to clean the area after operation.

These special features help the blade perform at its best while sawing through heavy materials.

The 460DSA has a PC board with electronic-controlled circuits. Icons and symbols on the control panel have warning lights and feed controls to auto or manually operate the machine. It will auto-control its variable vise pressure to reduce clamping force while cutting softer materials like hollows or pipes.

The 460DSA weighs 1500 kg (3307 lb) and utilizes a 5hp (3.7kw) 3-phase motor that works best in heavy metal cutting. It will work heavy duty loads all day long. It is the preferred machine in most heavy metal cutting industries that specialize in cutting complex shapes.

The Velox VX-460DSA bandsaw is an asset that provides positive and efficient output depending on use. A Velox bandsaw is dependable and considered a lifetime investment — especially for those who daily-cut large quantities of material.

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