Velox LX-250NC Bandsaw

Velox Saw offers fully automatic bandsaws with features like high efficiency and innovative mechanical structures combined with PLC memory, human-machine interface, linear encoders, and an NC control system.



One of the best models the brand offers is the Velox LX-250NC bandsaw.

The Velox LX-250NC bandsaw is a pivot style, fully automatic production bandsaw with a cutting capacity of 10″ round and  10″ x 11 3/4 ” rectangle.

This machine features a uni-body frame construction and index that assures maximum rigidity while eliminating the inaccuracies encountered with bar feed machines.

The Velox LX-250NC uses a dual feed control for feed rate and cutting force and runs a recommended speed rate of 85-275 sfpm, which can vary depending on the size of the material being cut. It will accommodate a blade length x width of  11′ 6″ x  1 ¼”.

The Velox LX-250NC uses heavy duty cast guide arms with a carbide side, with backup guides that use roller pre-guides. It has cast full stroking hydraulic vises with a split main vise to hold both sides of the material. This will increase accuracy and reduce burring. Variable vise pressure is also included.

The Velox LX-250NC bandsaw machine is fully automatic with a rapid approach height selector that controls the transition from rapid approach to feed rate, reducing down time. The machine uses an N/C CPU computer control with programmable length settings and a completely self-contained coolant system running on a 1/8 hp motor.

The Velox LX-250NC  features a chip conveyor to aid in the removal of chips, keeping the blade clean at all times to help maximize blade life. It is a quality machine that provides for high efficiency and increased production rates.

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