Variable Speed Drive System

High quality bandsaws are fully geared with special features to maximize their cutting performance. Most cutting machines operate at different speeds since most applications are not run simultaneously. Blade speed adjustment is necessary depending on demand.

Requirements are met through a special feature: the Variable Speed Drive System. This system allows the bandsaw to efficiently increase or decrease blade speed depending on required conditions.

The variable speed drive system has a Variable Speed Pulley and a Variable Speed Belt (Vari-Speed Belt). The belt runs between two or more pulleys mounted on the drive motor. Both parts play a significant role in controlling the blade speed of the machine and provide for accurate cutting results.

The variable speed belt is considered the heart of the variable speed drive system. Its use as an infinitely variable speed regulator is on the rise in transportation, certain product mechanisms, recreational equipment, agricultural applications, and machines. Also for various steel production requirements in the metal cutting industry. It achieves the versatility necessary to maximize application efficiency and productivity while being inexpensive as well.

Belt Replacement

Variable speed belts should be the right dimension to work well with the machine. Correct length is necessary in order to obtain proper grip on the variable speed pulleys.

It should be wider in proportion to thickness, and it should have extreme crosswise rigidity or the belt will dish in, throwing the tensile cords out of alignment and affecting the speed control. It is necessary to replace the belt if it has the incorrect dimension. This is a priority if the best possible cutting results are desired.

Just like any other belts, a vari-speed belt loosens after prolonged use. Firm grip action in the contact area is necessary to providing positive traction with precise and immediate response. Without a proper grip, the pulleys cannot run smooth by design. Failure to change to a desired speed rate during cutting results in belt breakage, which can be harmful to the bandsaw.

A vari-speed belt is thin, with precise uniform cogs on the underside for maximum flexibility length wise. It is precisely molded with a complete cross-section structure that allows for even tracking. Running the belt at different speed rates causes it to wear out over time. The changes in form and structure cause noise and excess vibration when changing blade speed during an operation.

The best results are typically achieved when machine parts are regularly maintained and replaced prior to excessive wear or breakage.

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