Trajan 916SV

Trajan-916svA bandsaw offering control and convenience, high quality, and low cost, the Trajan 916SV 9″ x 16″ variable speed metal cutting bandsaw is engineered to perform with high efficiency in a variety of environments.

Exclusive features that come standard include a laser indicator to help make quick, precise cuts, and a hydraulic tension meter.

The casting base and blade wheel are jointed with a heavy gauge steel saw head for excellent performance with cost economy in mind.

A fully adjustable hydraulic down feed controls the rate of descent, the control panel is installed on top of the saw head for more convenient operation, and a high efficiency variable speed pulley incorporates speed-change ease.

The bearing carbide guide enhances cutting stability and extends blade life. The cutting angle is from 0 to 45 degrees, and there is a stand jointed with a coolant pan for chip and water collecting. There is a coolant system for wet cutting as well.

It also includes a bi-metal blade, chip brush, and length stop set as well as a laser indicator and hydraulic tension meter.

High efficiency and economy

Built with durable materials that help to reduce vibration, the Trajan 916SV will improve performance and offer efficient functioning. Built with operators in mind, the control panel is located on top of the saw, offering the ability to watch the cut as it occurs. Quick, precise cuts will help projects run smoothly.

Extends blade life

The Trajan 916SV is equipped with bearing carbide blade guides that contribute to the saw’s ability to make precise cuts. Like the heavy-gauge steel saw head, these guides protect the saw blade by reducing vibration.

A coolant system comes standard on every Trajan 916SV bandsaw. The right coolant will support bandsaw blade protection, and the coolant washes chips away from the cutting surface, keeping the blade at an appropriate cutting temperature. The chip brush will help to push chips away from the bandsaw blade.




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