Trajan 914 Bandsaw

A leading manufacturer of bandsaw machines, TrajanSaw offers a line of industrial bandsaw machines for metal cutting available in horizontal and vertical designs. The quality-tested bandsaw which proves reliable in terms of power and performance is the Trajan 914 Roll-In Style bandsaw.

Trajan 914

Trajan 914

The 914 is a vertical bandsaw with a one-hp three-phase motor and a 9″ x 14″ cutting capacity on rectangular stock. 14″ on a 0° cutting angle for round stock.

The 914 offers four speeds to maximize use at 70, 140, 280, and 580 feet per minute. These speeds depend upon the types of materials being cut or shaped and as the manufacturer recommends.

Adjustable guide rollers accept blade sizes 1/8”,  1/4”,  3/8”,  1/2”,  5/8”,  3/4”  and 1”.

The Trajan 914 uses a 1/4” to  1”  band width and a 10″ x ¼”- 1”  blade length.

It weighs 616 lbs with a floor space use of 40” L x 30½” W x 63”H.

The Trajan 914 bandsaw machine’s welded frame provides minimum vibration and a base of heavy gauge steel for maximum stability. It will withstand rigorous operation.

A heavy-duty precision-ground cast iron table provides accuracy and ease of use. Its hydraulics down feed control allows for the change of cut speed and feed rates. The counter-weight for feed control adjusts the amount of cutting force or pressure applied to the material when the hydraulics control cylinder is open.

A swivel vise with scale for miter cuts is included, with a throat capacity of 8-1/2”.

Versatile and exceptional cutting capabilities make it an excellent choice for all types of production. The 914 is widely used for metal cutting and is best suited to straight, curve, and miter cuts. The Trajan 914 can be used to cut mild-, tool-, stainless-, and alloy steels, hard bronze, malleable iron, soft cast iron, medium-hard brass and bronze, hard and soft aluminium, plastics, wood, and other light materials.

All Trajan bandsaws — vertical and horizontal models — come equipped with a strong gear box, a wire chip brush, and a standard coolant pump system. The Trajan 914 has a variable drive system for fast changing speeds. Thermal overload protection covers the motor and the saw to prevent damage. Operator safety is important, and the Trajan 914 bandsaw has an automatic shut-off for safe sawing; blade guards to protect the bandsaw blade.

The Trajan 914 bandsaw machine is a quality vertical bandsaw possessing a superior level of accuracy, efficiency, high productivity results, and a reputation for longevity. A wise purchase decision for the busy yet productive machine or woodworking shop.

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