Trajan 270 Manual Bandsaw

In a smaller-scale metalworking shop, or even a larger shop that doesn’t daily-cut metals, it is important to invest wisely in the right bandsaw for the right purpose.



A consideration in this case might be the Trajan 270 Manual Bandsaw.

The Trajan 270 Manual bandsaw is a good machine that is built with small-scale metalworking shops in mind.

This compact bandsaw takes up a minimum of  floor space. It weighs up to 529 lbs (240 kg) and specializes in cutting normal steel and steel pipes.

It uses an 8′ 1” x 1”  wide saw blade, a  1-1/2 HP motor, and with a cutting capacity of materials up to nine inches.

The Trajan 270 Manual Bandsaw is able to cut angles from 0 to 60 degrees using a swivel head.

The height of the work table measures 37” and is designed to endure heavy-duty iron, reduce vibration, and ensure a precise cut.

The Trajan 270 offers features that ensure operator safety. A button on the main control pad enables the operator to shut down the machine in the event of an emergency. An Interlock Switch on the pulley cover engages as soon as the pulley cover is opened, assuring the machine will stop. Blade guards are also standard.

Standard features allow operators convenient use, resulting in productive and effective cutting output. It is a reliable bandsaw.

The Trajan 270 Manual Bandsaw Machine, in either horizontal or vertical, is the right choice for the smaller machine shop.

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