Trajan 250S Bandsaw



The Trajan 250S is an efficient horizontal bandsaw designed to cut metal and is frequently seen being used inside well-equipped machine shops.

The 250S is a horizontal model with a standard heavyweight machining table that helps to eliminate vibration. It also features a heavyweight steel base, horizontally mounted guide arms, and adjustable Carbide blade guide, and rollers guides.

A miter vise holds the material to be cut while the bandsaw blade passes through the metal. The vise is hand wheel operated for speedy change of material sizes and shapes.

The 250S is a heavy-duty bandsaw with a manual swivel head and variable speed. It has a cast iron base with wheels coupled with a heavy-gauge steel saw head. A control panel is installed on top of the saw.

A 2hp motor provides fast and precise cutting using a strong gear box (bronze and steel), powering a fast-change, variable drive system. Adjustable hydraulics down feed control with a high-efficiency variable-speed pulley incorporates ease in changing speeds.

Carbide guides enhance cutting stability and a chip brush cleans chips from the saw blade, helping to extend the life of the blade. There is a coolant pump system with an integrated coolant pan for collecting chips and fluids.

The 250S uses a 0 – 45° cutting angle: for 0° cutting capacity, 9- 13/16” round, 9- 1/16” x 15- 1/8” rectangle, and 9- 1/16″ x 15- 3/4″ rectangle. For 45° cutting capacity,  8- 7/16” round and  9- 13/16” x 8- 7/16” rectangle.

The 250S metal cutting bandsaw uses a bi-metal bandsaw blade with 10′ 1” x 0.035 x 1” dimensions and runs at a speed of 82-259 SFPM. The bandsaw weighs 938 – 1080lb with a shipment size of 74” x 31” x 44”.

A heavy-duty bandsaw with standard features that will ease operator use, improve production performance, and survive a busy shop’s daily workload mean the Trajan 250S is the bandsaw machine to consider for a variety of metal cutting operations.

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