Trajan 1319 Bandsaw



The Trajan 1319 bandsaw machine is one of the most popular models of horizontal bandsaw. Equipped with a 13 x 19″ sawing capacity providing for simple and effective operation.

It weighs 600 kg (1323 lbs.) and is ideal for cutting most types of metals including structural and exotic steels.

It uses a  12′ 6” l x 1” w blade and a two hp/three-phase motor.

The heavy duty 13″ x 19″ two-way swivel bandsaw with swivel control box for convenient operation features a high efficiency gear drive system with a variable step pulley to provide for fast changing speeds.

The enlarged hydraulic cylinder and buffer spring enhances cutting stability, and a professional semi-auto hydraulic system makes perfect cutting cycles by lifting the saw head to the correct height.

The hydraulic vise system is installed for clamping different sized work pieces. It lifts the head of the saw to the correct height and cuts down the material in order to make a perfect cutting cycle.

Auto-shut-off is available, allowing for the saw to prepare the head to the desired pre-set position for the next set of materials or stocks to be cut.

An enlarged hydraulic cylinder and buffer spring enhance the cutting stability of the saw, and a Tungsten blade guide helps to maintain cutting stability while also extending blade life.

Other features include a dual swivel cutting angle from 0 to -45° and +60° without the need to move the materials. A cleaning hose and nozzle will assist in washing away chips, and for wet-cutting, a coolant system. A chip brush blade cleaner is also installed to clean the blades and guarantee longer blade life.

The dual miter bandsaw has a one-piece stand incorporated with a swivel control box that allows the machine to cut at multiple angles both left and right. The weight eliminates vibration, assuring a precise cut.

The laser indicator and hydraulic tension meter are optional. The standard features provide convenient operation, making the 1319 advantageous in the metal cutting industry.

When it comes to safety, the Trajan 1319 bandsaw machine offers operator protection with Cover Thermo Overload Protection, an Auto shut off function, Safety interlocks, and blade guards.

It is important to know a bandsaw machine’s specifications and features before investing in one. Working with the right bandsaw machine allows increased productivity and achievement of positive output.

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