The Velox VX-330 DC



The Velox VX-330 DC is a useful and reliable bandsaw that can single or multi- cut (in stock). A dual-column bandsaw with a 7/8” to 13” round, 15 3/4” x 13” rectangle cutting capacity, and a blade speed of 50Hz to 60Hz depending on the model.

The Velox VX-330 DC’s saw dimension requirement is a 13’6” l by 1 1/4” w blade. It uses a 5 hp motor.

As a dual-column bandsaw, the Velox VX-330 DC has a touch screen and rotary encoder, as well as a hydraulic carbide guide. It offers the ability to program in different languages and a zero point auto-check function along with a motor inverter that controls blade speed.

The human-machine interface control panel is multi-functional, with setting and programming indicators to show malfunctions with the machine. The control panel and touch screen features are easy to operate.

The automatic chip conveyor keeps the chip tray clean. It is driven by a hydraulic motor that is durable, and the process will help to maintain the life of the machine.

The hydraulic blade tension device offers for quick, precise, and easy setting of blade tension.

The Velox VX-330 DC includes features that make it a smart choice for bundle cutting. It comes equipped with full-stroke cylinders for easy materials clamping. An automatic hydraulic shuttle and fixed vises safely and quickly clamp the material in place.

Clamping capability is an important aspect of this particular bandsaw machine and why it is recommended for bundle cutting.

The Velox VX-330 DC uses top clamps when cutting steel bundles in different types or shapes. Top clamps secure the material so that they won’t slip or roll over in production cutting mode. It also helps to secure larger quantities into a bundled package, preventing the material from slipping and turning when the bandsaw blade enters the material.

Side vises maintain the positioning of the material, and the top clamp applies down pressure, keeping the material from popping out of the bundle. Aside from securing the material, the top clamp also provides safety and security for the operator by preventing accidents. It isn’t necessary to place hands near the running bandsaw blade with the Velox VX-330 DC.

When using a bandsaw machine, it is important to know its capacity limits and how they affect not only the machine but the cutting operation’s output. Knowing what works to maintain stability and security of the materials being cut is a big part of  achieving a safe and effective cut.

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