The Velox 460 DC Bandsaw

The Velox 460 DC Bandsaw is a bandsaw to consider when the purchase of a dual-column bandsaw is required.



The Velox 460 fully automatic bandsaw features highly efficient and innovative mechanical structures combined with PLC memory, human-machine interface, linear encoders, and an NC control system.

Numerical control (NC) is the automation of machine tools operated by precisely programmed commands encoded on a computer control panel.

Standard features on the Velox 460 DC include:

  • Touch screen and rotary encoder
  • Hydraulic carbide guide
  • Built-in language choice
  • Motor inverter that controls blade speed
  • Control panel human-machine interface
  • Working light and material detecting device
  • Full-stroke cylinders for easy clamping of material
  • PLC and motor inverter control system
  • Zero point auto checking function

The Velox 460 can cut 18″ rounds or 18 7/8″ x 18″ rectangle using its 17’ 10 ½” X 1 ½” blades.

The blade speed is 54.79 x 232.283 fpm (50 Hz); 65.617 x 278.871 fpm (60 Hz).

The machine’s Touch Screen, rotary encoder, and control panel interface eliminate guess work. Settings are entered via the touch screen, with the rotary encoder being adjusted prior to the start of a cut.

In production cutting, once the adjustments are made, all that the machine operator needs to do is to make sure the material is in place. It isn’t necessary to re-enter the same settings each time the same task is employed, either. The computer will recall those inputs.

Once the cutting angle is set and the stock or piece is loaded and secured, the control panel provides the input to operate the bandsaw. All of the electronic functions and the feed rate are set using the control panel.

Control panel interface will notify the operator of any miscalculations or errors and will offer remedial prompts that keep production running smoothly. Improper blade tension or insufficient vise pressure are caught by the system and notification is then given to the operator.

Hydraulic controls make moving the carbide guides a lot easier, too.

Cutting different materials of different sizes requires a machine with variable speed settings. The speed can be set at a lower rate at the start of a cut, and when the blade enters the material, speed can be increased and then reduced to the lower rate before exit. This is especially convenient during a blade break-in.

A working light assures that the operator has a clear view of the material being cut. If the cut is off the mark while in production, a waste of both material and time results. The guide light will eliminate that issue.

The clamping force on the brake can be adjusted to assure that the head is held securely and doesn’t move during operation. The brake handle should be adjusted so that it doesn’t bottom out or hit movement limit yet still securely retain the head.

Material that moves during a cut can cause damage to the machine, the blade, and the material, as well as being the cause for injury to the machine operator. A full-stroke cylinder clamp helps to hold the material in place, and with ease.

The Velox 460 DC bandsaw is a valuable and operationally diverse piece of equipment that fits into most any production cutting environment.


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