The V100 Series Vertical Bandsaw

For nearly 50 years, the V100 Series Vertical Bandsaw is still a reliable and effective bandsaw in production cutting.

HE&M is one of the leading names in the bandsaw manufacturing industry. Their machines are American designed, engineered, and manufactured. They are also one of the country’s largest distributor of bandsaw machines.

They now offer 72 models of production bandsaw, including verticals, horizontals, plate, and double-column machines where cutting capacity can range from 12” x 12” up to 80” x 80”.  All are used extensively in the steel and metalworking industries.

The company offers four vertical bandsaws in four different series: the V/ VT 100, 120, 140, and 200 Series.

The V/ VT 100 Series offers seven different types of machines: the V100LM-3, LM-60, LA-60, VT100LM-60, LA-60, HLM-60 and the HLA-60.

This bandsaw series is ideal for cutting a variety of smaller solids and structural materials. Normally, the saws range in size from 18” x 20-3/4” H at 90° up to 18” x 22-1/4”H at 90°.

Common features include a miter of 60° to the left and right, with the V100LM-3 series having a miter cutting capacity of 45° to the left and right.

They all run an inch and a quarter blade and operate with a 5 HP motor and offer automatic, semi-automatic, and manual controls.

85 PSI, a 4-6 minimum air requirement, and equipped with an Air Filter/Lubricator, as well as having a 220/440  3HP electric motor requirement. The Spray Mist Lubrication uses an environmentally friendly vegetable oil-based spray lubricant (industrial lubricant) that is highly effective when sawing ferrous and non ferrous metals.

The V100 Series bandsaw machines come equipped with a laser light system — devised to aid the operator. The laser line makes it easy to see the exact location of blade entry into the material, eliminating the need to lean toward the blade to position the material.

Choosing to invest in the correct bandsaw machine will have a positive impact on business. It will also improve performance and increase profits. The HE&M V100 Series offers the durability and efficiency expected in a high-performance bandsaw machine. It has been tried and relied on for a half-century, making it a sound investment in any production workshop; large or small.

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