The Hyd-Mech M20 Bandsaw

For thirty years, Hyd-Mech has provided the machining industry with quality bandsaw machines. Hyd-Mech has proven to be one of the leading bandsaw manufacturers in the metal cutting industry. The company is known for their innovative solutions to design and manufacture of quality bandsaws.



One of their best models is the Hyd-Mech M20 bandsaw.

The Hyd-Mech M20 is a scissor style bandsaw that provides for exceptional miter cutting. The miter can cut from 60 to 90 degrees, making it an excellent machine for large fabrication jobs.

Heavy-duty applications are also widely used with this model.

The M20 runs on a 10HP motor with 3HP hydraulics and can accommodate up to a  20′ 6″ blade length x  1 ½” blade width. It runs with the recommended blade speed of 50-350 SFPM depending on the type of material being cut.

The heavy-duty motor and gearbox with a variable frequency drive system provides for exceptional cutting performance on a variety of materials. It can easily cut tubing, channels, angles, solids, light to medium grade alloy, non-ferrous, and stainless materials.

The down feed system with feed rate and feed force easily adjusts with the use of front panel control dials. There is also a head fast approach function.

The M20 is equipped with heavy-duty guide arms and carbide guides that help to reduce vibration and provide for longer blade life. A flexible coolant hose delivers coolant directly to the blade for optimum lubrication. The hydraulics system is conveniently located on a swing-front door panel with a clean layout for ease of maintenance. Cast iron wheels and an over-sized pivot provide extra rigidity. A powered chip brush helps to keep the blade clean while conveniently removing chips with the use of a hydraulic chip conveyor.

The Hyd-Mech M20 bandsaw signifies excellence in production cutting for fabrication works. This machine is solidly built to give maximum productivity and the best cost-per-cut performance.

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