The HE&M Saw VT120HM-60 Band Saw

The HE&M Saw VT120HM-60 Band Saw.

HE&M Saw introduces the VT120HM-60 vertical band saw. It has a powerful 7.5hp motor and a 2hp for the hydraulics system. Designed using the latest technology like fully programmable PLC and automatic controls, this band saw offers highly reliable performance and dependability with less manpower requirement.

The VT120HM-60 is a two-way, swiveling, metal cutting band saw machine with the cutting capacity of 18″ W x 24″ H and miter cutting capacities of 16″ H x 18″ left at 45 degrees, 14.75″ H x 18″ right at 45°, 10″ H x 18″ left at 60°, and 9″ H x 18″ right at 60°. It uses a  1 ¼” x 16′, 6″ x 0.42″ blade with an arm cant of 3°.

The VT120HM-60 band saw offers excellent standard features meant to help the owner achieve accurate angle movement, precise cuts, high quality output, and reliable performance.

The Powered Guide Arm allows the operator to adjust the guide spacing and a Powered Blade Tension that automatically sets the blade on the correct tension once a new blade is installed. The Control Console is a Swing Away located on the front of the saw, and a set of Full Stroking Main Vises assures secure handling of material — even the largest piece of stock — that helps to eliminate excessive vibration during the cut.

An LED readout shows Blade Speed, and the saw uses Carbide Blade Guides to increase the stability of the band saw blade. An Infinitely Variable Blade Speed Drive allows for changes in cutting speed based on the types of materials to be cut. The Electronically Controlled Traverse (ECT) Controls Feed Rate & Cutting Force that allows the operator to input the exact rate of traverse required for cutting a given material.

The The VT120HM-60 has a built in Flood Coolant System, and features Power Tilt w/ LED Angle Readout, Variable Vise Pressure, and Forward Cut Stop.

The Optional Features available for the The VT120HM-60 band saw include a Second Main Machine Vise, a Swing-Away Full Capacity Top Clamp – Main Vise, a Reduced Capacity Top Clamp – Main Vise, a Cut Watcher System, a Laser Light, a Manual Hand Crank Chip Conveyor, a Powered Chip Conveyor, Power Raised Lift-Up Rollers, Idle & Powered Load Tables, and Idle & Powered Discharge Tables.

The HE&M Saw VT120HM-60 vertical band saw is setting new standards for capacity, performance, accuracy, and efficiency. This band saw is fully equipped with patented innovations from HE&M Saw. It will provide remarkable results in cutting structural and other materials, and assure for accurate angle settings when miter cutting.


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