The HE&M Saw Sidewinder A-4 Band Saw

The HE&M Saw Sidewinder A-4 Band Saw.

HE&M Saw proudly offers the pivot style, mitering horizontal Sidewinder A-4 band saw machine.

The Sidewinder A-4 is manufactured to provide high performance, accuracy, and reliable production at an economical cost. 

The Sidewinder A-4 has a cutting capacity range of 2  3/4” round by 16” flat at 90 degrees, 10” round by 10” flat at 45 degrees, along with a mitering angle of 45 degrees. The operator can swing the arm to the desired angle as indicated on the protractor scale.

The control console is located in an easy view style control. It can be pivoted for operator convenience. The saw may be operated in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. The saw’s arm height can be adjusted to different height by moving the height stop. The guide arm is adjusted manually to increase blade stability and reduce vibration.

The saw blade used is 13 feet, 6 inches long  x  1 inch x 0.035 inches and is powered by a 3hp motor, which is wired for 220v or 440 volts. The solid carbide blade guides offer optimum support to the blade. A Powered Blade Brush cleans the band saw blade to ensure a smooth cutting surface, and the cut watcher system on the saw monitors each cut to a pre-set deviation value.

The clamping pressure can be adjusted anywhere from zero to 1700 lbs, and the cutting pressure can be adjusted from 0 to 800 lbs. The feed rate can be adjusted from 0 to three inches seconds. The operator can easily control the blade speed from 60- 300 SFPM with the simple turn of a knob.

The automatic bar feed on the saw is comprised of an auto-float, self-adjusting shuttle vise feed system with additional rollers to prevent binding of imperfect materials. The 6 foot long feed table has a vertical alignment bar with a 0-24” feed stroke that is capable of up to 4 indexes. The Sidewinder A-4 also has an 18” exit support to provide easier handling after the cut.

A built in coolant system and a cutting fluid clean up hose are provided for machine wash down and is designed with safe guards for safety purposes.

The Sidewinder A-4 also offers optional features, including a Laser Light System, a third holding vise, stock tables and a full width discharge plate, a reduced capacity top clamp for feed and main vise, and a sixty-degree miter capability (manual cut only).

Other optional features include a Spray Mist Lubrication and Pedestal Mounted Console.

For versatility, durability, and a great miter production band saw, the HE&M Saw Sidewinder A-4 is the professional choice.


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