The HEM Saw H90A-4

The HE&M Saw brand has been in the metal cutting industry for quite some time and are known for the production of durable quality band saw machines.

The HEM Saw H90A-4 is one of them. For over 30 years, the H90A-4 horizontal pivot saw is most commonly manufactured and widely used in machine shops.

This model is ideal for cutting a wide range of smaller solids and shapes. The machine uses a wide pivot point for maximum stability of the head all through the cutting process.

Typically, the cutting capacity is 12.75” high x 12.75” wide. The machine has a 3HP motor that can be used with 220 or 440 volts and utilizes a 12′ 10” x 1” x 0.035” band saw blade.

A standard feature of the H904A-4 machine is the all-function control console with an easy-view style. It has an operator friendly display with touch pad buttons and built-in diagnostics. A cut-watcher system is present in this band saw and is used to monitor the squareness of cut. A preset deviation value setting means the system will auto shut-off the machine when the preset value is exceeded.

The H904A-4 uses flat carbide guides to provide solid support to each side of the blade, increasing the stability of the band saw blade through the material. An automatic bar feed with a 0-24” feed stroke, capable of 4 indexes, is also present. Other features include an adjustable blade speed, adjustable clamping pressure, hold-down fixtures, and a built-in coolant system with sealed coolant pump.

When in the market for an automatic horizontal band saw, HEM Saw H90A-4 is the one; the most advance CNC saw offered today. An HE&M band saw engineered for versatility and ultimate cutting solution experience, setting the standard with more patented innovations than any other band saw manufacturer in the world.

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