The HE&M Saw H160A-DC-C

The HEM H160A-DC-C is a full-feature, dual column metal production cutting band saw.

With a massive 15hp motor that accomodates both 220v or 440v, this band saw can cut up to 25” high by 25” wide using a 2” x 22′ x 0.063” band saw blade. It is a powerful horizontal band saw that will provide for high production in a trouble-free operation with the aid of its innovative and patented standard features.

Some of the features include an Operator Control mounted on a swing-away console that is manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic mode operational. The feed rate, cutting force, and arm height can be easily adjusted from the console. The movable guide arm allows the operator to keep the guide arm close to the cut, helping to ensure blade stability and accurate cuts.

The H160A-DC-C utilizes an automatic bar feed with a 0-24” stroke feed, making it capable of multiple indexing. Full stroke vises on the saw assure positive and secure material clamping, with a third vise on feed available for an added clamping surface. The roller discharge table is 24” in length for smooth material handling after the cut.

The H160A-DC-C comes equipped with guide cap cam locks for fast installation of band saw blades. Powered blade tension auto-sets the blade’s proper tension and maintains it during the cut. The material jog system allows the user to slowly increase the control on the shuttle vise to assist the positioning of pre-marked cuts. A cut watcher system on the saw monitors the squareness of the cut to a pre-set deviation value. This is a must for high-production cutting.

HE&M Saw’s H160A-DC-C has a solid state programmable logic controller that monitors all of the hydraulics, mechanical, and electrical functions. The blade speed with LED readout can be controlled manually by the push of a button, and the blade chip brush continuously cleans chips from the blade gullets. There is a flood coolant feature to lubricate the blade and the saw, and a chip auger system that cleans the cutting area while also separating lubricant from the chips, returning fluid to the tank for re-circulation. An auto-shut-off feature shuts down the machine once the cutting operation is complete.

Optional features include a set of Full Capacity Top Clamps for Main and Feed, a Blade Enhancer, a Shadow Light and Laser Light System, a 0-72” Stroke Bar Feed System with 3rdVise, a Hydraulic Computer Controlled Traverse, a Solid Base in lieu of rollers, a Full Capacity Top Clamp for Main and Outboard Vise, a Spray Mist Coolant System, and Pedestal Mounted Console.

For any metal sawing job — from the smallest to the most delicate cutting work (up to the machine’s nominal capacity 25” w x 25” h) — the HE&M Saw H160A-DC-C is the right machine for the job.

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