The HEM H105A-4 Pivot-Style Band Saw

Hemsaw H105A-4 Metalcutting Band SawThe HEM Saw H105A-4 is an automatic, horizontal pivot-style, metal cutting band saw that is ideal for cutting a variety of solids and shapes.

The saw’s cutting capacity is 14 inches round by 16 inches flat, and it uses a 1-1/4 inch wide blade that is driven by a 7.5 HP motor, which can be wired for 220 or 440 volts.

The H105A-4 band saw control console is located on an easy-view style goose neck mount that can pivot for operator convenience. The machine has all-function control for manual, semi automatic, and fully automatic operation.

Hold-down fixtures aid in clamping multiple pieces of material in a single row, and clamping pressure can be adjusted from 0- 1500 lbs.

Blade speed is quickly controlled by an infinitely variable-speed drive with speeds ranging from 65 to 400 SFPM. The blade feed rate can be adjusted from zero to three inches per second. This is a huge advantage when cutting materials at fast rates. The bar feed on the saw has a 0-24” feed stroke that allows for up to four indexes. The feed table includes vertical alignment with additional rollers to prevent binding of imperfect materials.

The H105A-4 band saw has a 24” discharge table for easier material handling, blade guards, and awareness barriers for safety purposes. A safety cut-off switch allows the operator to closely monitor the cutting process and stop it if necessary. However, the machine is equipped to automatically shut off when the auto-feed system is out of stock or when the blade breaks.

The H105A-4 has a flood coolant system where the coolant is dispensed to the guide arms on both sides of the cut. A cutting fluid clean-up hose is provided for machine wash down.

More features include a cut watcher system that will automatically shut off the saw when a blade deviation is detected. The blade tension setting helps to keep the blade at proper tension at all times. The blade guide system incorporates side and back blade guides that use carbide inserts. A guide arm that can be adjusted manually in order to achieve positive establishment of the blade. The heavy-duty wheels help to provide stability, and the powered brush blade will assure a cleaner blade and prolong blade life.

Optional features of this saw are Air Powered Blade Tension, Chip Auger System, Reduced Capacity Top Clamp for Main and Feed Vise, 3rd Holding Vise with Interlocking Vise Jaws, Spray Mist Coolant System, Outboard Powered Vise, a Laser Light System, and Pedestal Mounted Console.

HEM Saw H105A-4 is the most efficient and accurate cutting machine of any other band saw of equal size and price.

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