The H90 Bandsaw Machine

The HEM H90 Bandsaw is a semi-automatic machine that will out-perform other bandsaws in many ways.

The evolution of technology has played a large role in the evolution of bandsaw machines. HEM technicians used the latest technology to design the H90, which can be left to run unattended, making the operator’s job more efficient and productive.

HE&M Saw (HEM) has completely eliminated the guesswork that used to be required to achieve productive and efficient cutting performance. Many cutting houses, machine shops, fabricators, and start-up steel warehouses are discovering the advantages of having modern equipment, which the HEM H 90 Bandsaw Machine provides.

Standard features on the HEM H90 Bandsaw Machine include:

  • Console on Top of Saw – Bi-Function Control
  • Vertical Alignment Bar on Feed
  • Exit Support
  • Hold Down Fixtures
  • Flat Carbide Blade Guides
  • an Adjustable Blade Speed
  • Adjustable Clamping and Cutting Force
  • Adjustable Feed Rate
  • Manual Blade Tension
  • Manual Guide Arm Adjustment
  • Blade Chip Brush
  • Out of Stock Indicator
  • Broken Blade Indicator Safety Guards
  • Flood Coolant System w/ Wash-Down Hose

85 PSI, 4-6 CFM Minimum Air Requirement, Equipped with Air Filter/Lubricator with 220/440v/3Ø Electric Motor Requirement are also standard.

Optional features on the HEM H90 Bandsaw Machine include:

  • a Hold-Down Roller Assembly
  • Reduced Capacity Top Clamp – Main Vise and Feed Vise
  • 3rd Holding Vise on Feed w/ Interlocking Vise Jaws
  • Interlocking Vise Jaws Only
  • Spray Mist Lubrication
  • Pedestal Mounted Control
  • Solid Discharge Table
  • 5′ Idle Roller Stock Table
  • 10′ Idle Roller Stock Table.

HEM Saw has developed a computer-controlled sawing platform that, when combined with the HEM H 90 Bandsaw Machine features, will allow for full performance of the cutting capability of the saw.

The HEM H90 is designed with a fully bolt-on replaceable wear surface that can be easily and inexpensively replaced, allowing for easy and cost-effective maintenance.

HEM has a full line of semi-automatic and automatic bandsaws for use in many different shop and industry sizes.

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