The Evolution Rage3 Miter Saw

The Evolution Rage3 is a 10” TCT Multipurpose Sliding Miter Saw can cut steel, aluminum, plastics and can even wood with nails with just one blade. Its optional Rage Diamond blade can cut stones, pavings as well as bricks.

The Rage3 is just one of Evolution’s new saws made from Rage Technology. This saw features a hi-torque gearbox that reduces motor stresses providing improved performance and durability. It  has a compound tilt and slide mechanism for miter cutting operations.  The Rage3 also features an ultra-secure top clamp, a chip deflector, and a laser guidance for maximum accuracy. It is constructed with a robust outer casing which improves durability. The Rage3 is also fitted with a dust collection device that collects metal clippings and wood dusts. Additionally, it features a locking system for secured and immovable cutting operation.

Features of The Evolution Rage3

The Rage3 10” Multipurpose Sliding Miter Saw also has its features and advantages during cutting operations.  Unlike any other saw, the Rage3 can cut almost all types of materials with just one blade. It’s 10” Diamond Blade transforms the saw into a sliding tile cutter. The Rage3 has a hi-torque motor that can run slower compared to other saws. This helps reduce stress for optimum blade performance when cutting any material. The saw is also equipped with a multipurpose Tungsten Carbide Tooth blade that prevents kickback, protecting the following tooth and forcing the blade to gently chip away at the material being cut for a workable finish on steel and wood.  This saw provides a smooth, clean cut and thin kerf.

Another feature of the saw is its durability and economical qualities. The saw operates using a cold cutting technique, which means it does not produce heat, burrs, dust, fumes, smoke, or sparks during any cutting operation.  Compared to an abrasive blade, the saw can cut four times faster without producing any heat build up. The combination of a tungsten carbide, an anti-kickback tooth design, and hardened body means the blade can withstand even an unexpected nail.

Efficient and all-purpose

With a variety of cutting saws in the market, finding a saw that best suits the needs for your operation can be a challenge.  If you are looking for a saw that can cut anything from plastics to metals with only one blade, the Evolution Rage3 should catch your interest. Why waste time changing your blade when with the Evolution Rage3 Saw, you can cut practically any materials using one blade?

No blade is perfect, and while the Evolution Rage 3 Miter Saw isn’t the most powerful in the market, it offers great bang for your buck. All you have to do is to prepare the material to be cut and wear your protective gear, including goggles, mask, and gloves.

Why would you buy a saw that only cuts wood when you can buy the Evolution RAGE3 multipurpose saw and cut almost anything?

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