The 101 and 201 Series Bandsaw Blade

The 101 and 201 Series Bandsaw Blade, their detailed features, unique qualities, and their specific applications.

Flex Back Carbon_content1

The 101 Series Haltbar Flex Back Carbon blade is made from carbon steel with a flexible carbon steel back and comes in a wide range of widths, thickness, and pitch.

The Haltbar 101 Flex Back saw blade is an economical choice and ideal for cutting easy-to-machine ferrous or nonferrous metal and wood, plastics, soft woods, nonferrous foundry materials and metals, low alloys, furniture, and composition board.

This type of blade can be used on both light vertical and horizontal machines.

By selecting the 101 Series flex back carbon bandsaw blade, the following is achieved:

  • The ability to run at higher band speeds
  • Assurance in general purpose cutting
  • Ability for both contour and straight cutting

The 201 Series Haltbar Hard Back Carbon Blade is best suited for shops that may not run saws in an all-day production setup.

The 201 series is a high carbon steel band that has precisely hardened teeth coupled with a tough, spring-tempered back that results in high tensile strength. The 201 series offers increased beam strength for straight, faster cuts and long blade life versus the flex back carbon blades.

The 201 Series Haltbar Hard Back Carbon blades has greater rigidity than the flex back bandsaw blade, allowing for up to 20% higher pressure cutting performance.

This series of blade is best used when cutting hard woods, plastics, and nonferrous materials.

By selecting the 201 Series hard back carbon bandsaw blade, the following is achieved::

  • Increased tensile strength that allows for greater band tension
  • More accurate cuts
  • Improved rigidity for increased cutting rates
  • Economical production cutting of low alloy, nonferrous metals
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