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Water-Repellent Metal

Rust-prone metal may soon be a thing of the past thanks to two University of Rochester scientists. Through their use of powerful laser beams, the surface of metal will now last longer as well as having the material become more practical in a broader range of purpose. The process is detailed in the Journal of Applied Physics, but what it does is change the surface of metals by repeatedly subjecting the surface to bursts of lasers. Water cannot adhere to or saturate metal surfaces when treated to this process. “Some potential applications for anti-icing surfaces include protection of aerofoils, power transmission lines, pipes of air …

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Treating Steel

Treating steel is the controlled heating and cooling process used to structurally change and alter the physical and mechanical properties of the material. This process will also occur when steel is being welded, or due to manufacturing processes that either heat or cool metals. The amount of heat is measured by the temperature of the treated steel. Proper heating requires precise control of temperature and uses heat or cold — usually to extremes in either case — in order to achieve a desired result, which is the hardening or softening of a material. Steels are an iron and carbon alloy, and while all metals …

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