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Bandsaw Blade Tooth Set

The bending out of the blade’s teeth, left or right, and away from the blade is known as tooth set. It works to give a straighter cut. Tooth set clears the chips from the kerf, allowing the band back to clear the cut without binding or becoming stuck in the material. The set will vary depending on the intended cut. A rip saw has a tooth set similar to the angle used on a chisel, ripping the material apart. A flush-cut saw has no set on one side, allowing the saw to be laid out flat onto a surface and cut without scratching. The set of a blade’s teeth …

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Materials Variables

One of the variables to a quality cutting process is materials. The quality of cut can vary depending on a variety of factors, but materials and quality output are something to consider. Blades are built for the type of the materials being cut, the dimension of the materials, and the materials characteristics. Type of material may refer to ferrous or non-ferrous, with ferrous metals being harder since alloys are added during the steel making process. As the cut process completes, alloys become harder with the saw continuously cutting through. These types of materials require stronger blade teeth with smaller tooth gullets if a productive cut is to be achieved. …

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