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The Chop Saw

A chop saw is a lightweight circular saw mounted on a spring-loaded pivoting arm, and is supported by a metal base. A stationary power tool that cuts material with a downward, chopping motion. The chop saw (drop saw) is a Miter or Abrasive saw, although both are entirely distinct classes of power tool. The Miter Saw A miter saw is used to make quick, accurate crosscuts in a work piece and at a selected angle. Common uses include framing operations and mold cutting. Most miter saws are relatively small and portable, with common blade sizes ranging from eight to twelve inches. Power …

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Two and Three-Wheel Bandsaws

When thinking about the purchase of two and three-wheel bandsaws, it helps to understand the unique aspects of both machines. One factor to consider when buying a bandsaw is the type of machine that best suits the needs of the shop or hobbyist. It is also wise to take into consideration the types of materials to be cut with the machine as well. There are two basic models available: the two-wheel and the three-wheel bandsaw. Between the two machines, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. A three-wheel bandsaw gives distance-of-cut between the down travel cutting side and the upward return side of the …

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Bandsaw Blade Gullets

Bandsaw blade gullets are the space or curvature between each individual tooth on a saw blade. With each pass of the blade, the material being cut will curl into the gullet, creating a spiral of material called the chip. Too many teeth in the cut will make the gullet full. The teeth become filled with this excess material, and the chip will eventually break away. Use a variable pitch blade since the alternating pitch created increases and then decreases the chip load inside the cut. One reason to pay attention to gullet size is that with coarser pitch blades, the …

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The 501 and 701 Bandsaw Blades

The 501 and 701 Bandsaw Blades are two Haltbar Sägen bi-metal bandsaw blades with a lot of similarities between them. It is hopeful that this post will help to distinguish the two for better understanding when it comes time to purchase either blade. Specifically — the Haltbar M42 HP and IC Series. Both are widely used in steel service centers and production cutting houses because these blades are designed for production cutting. Both blades can withstand materials requiring high and heavy-duty performance because they have unique and course teeth with heat and wear resistance. These types of features allow for greater durability, …

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Coolants, Lubricants, and Cutting Fluids

Saw blades can quickly overheat, distorting and even damaging the material being cut. Coolants, Lubricants, and Cutting Fluids are necessary in order to prevent such occurrences. Coolants, Lubricants, and Cutting Fluids are terms used to describe one thing: Cutting Fluid, a liquid used to dissipate heat, lubricate the band saw blade teeth, and flush debris from the gullet. Whichever word chosen to describe the material, it all applies. Coolant because the material is necessary to prevent the saw blade from overheating, Lubricant, because keeping the blade slick during use prevents chips from building up on the blade, and Cutting Fluid, because …

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Hi-Lo Bandsaw Blades

A brief post about the Hi-Lo Bandsaw Blades usage and features. Most of the blogs about blades include the proper usage of blades and the appropriate work load that would fit for a specific type of blade. Most of the discussion centers around the carbon and bi-metal blades. These two types of blade are the most commonly used blades in the industry today, but what about the Hi-Lo bandsaw blade? This type of blade is useful and special in many ways. The Hi-Lo is a blade that allows for more types of cutting surfaces and an increased rate of cut. It …

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Variable Pitch Bandsaw Blades

The variable pitch bandsaw blades, their unique qualities and applications, are designed for a particular reason. In this case, it is pitch. Saw blade pitch is defined as the number of teeth per inch — TPI — the number of teeth that come in contact with the material being worked. TPI has the ability to affect both the bandsaw blade’s performance and it durability. Too few teeth in the cut can lead to early stripping of the teeth. Conversely, too many teeth in a cut will greatly reduce the cutting rate and ultimately make the material impossible to cut. The choice of correct …

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