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Feed and Speed Rate Factors

Running saw blades at the correct feed and speed rates is important if the goal is to achieve desirable output. There is an optimum balance between blade speed and feed rate for every saw blade and every material to be cut. Proper adjustment of feed and speed rates will help to maximized blade life and assure a satisfactory cut. Feed rate is determined by the bandsaw, material size and shape, guide spacing, cutting fluid, and tooth size and shape. The greater the blade speed, the greater the feed rate — up to the limits imposed by the above-mentioned production factors. Blade Speed Bandsaw …

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Bandsaw machines are used in woodworking, machine shops, and to form cut. Bandsaw operation can also differ depending on the model used. Most applications associated with speed and blade control are relatively similar, though, and based primarily on the materials being cut. The speed of the blade is expressed in surface feet per minute (SFPM). The tooth pattern and blade speed required are determined by the texture, density, hardness, and porosity of the material being cut. There are a variety of speeds available for bandsaw machines. They include fixed, variable pulley, infinite variable, and electronic drive. The speed of the band is something …

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