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HEM Saw H130 Bandsaw Machines

  Gerald R. Harris founded HE & M, Inc. (HEM) in 1964. For fifty years, HEM Saw has maintained its reputation as the manufacturer of quality and durable bandsaw machines. HEM Saw remains a leader in the bandsaw industry, consistently setting the standard with more patented innovations than any other bandsaw manufacturer in the world. HEM manufactures more than 70 different models of production bandsaw. One of their most successful achievements is the H130 Series bandsaw machine. The cutting capacity for this series ranges from 16” x 16” W to 10” x 20” W when cutting shapes. All three use a 10hp motor with 2hp hydraulics. …

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Issues with Productivity

Premature run-out is a common productivity issue for bandsaw operators and will occur during the busy times. Careful planning will work to eliminate certain issues in production, and there are several factors involved to help resolve and prevent productivity issues from ever having to crop up. It is never a bad thing to abide by the rules of bandsaw operation. Thinking that daily maintenance checks are a waste of production time may prove costly, and not checking for possible slow-down issues with the machine and blade prior to any cut could end up costing even more. There are ways to avoid productivity issues without sacrificing time, cost, …

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