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Bandsaw Maintenance

In order to secure high operational equipment and money, bandsaw maintenance, preventive and corrective, are essential for cost-effective and prolonged use of any bandsaw machine. Bandsaws are the most widely used machines in the metal and wood cutting industries because of their efficiency, versatility, and power. Bandsaw operators should be knowledgeable of specific checkpoints in order to perform proper preventive maintenance. No preventive maintenance area on any machine should be overlooked. Daily bandsaw maintenance needs to include chip clean-up and debris removal, and the blade, chip brush, and guides need to be inspected for wear. Daily inspection of fluids, lubricants, and any …

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Preventing Weld Breaks

There are ways to prolong bandsaw blade life and avoid weld breakage. All bandsaw blades are welded or soldered. A strip of teeth are cut to length and welded to make a loop. Sometimes, the saw blade will break at this weld. A break is the result of an improper weld, or that there is too much tension on the bandsaw wheel, or even that a bad quality blade predisposed to such a break was purchased. Weld breakage is common, and questions a vendor may ask include whether or not proper blade tension was applied, what size and type of material was being cut, and had …

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Bandsaw Preventive Maintenance

Scheduled preventive bandsaw maintenance will increase productivity by decreasing cost, down time, and stress. Preventive maintenance will help to increase blade life while decreasing the need for emergency maintenance repairs. Well‐maintained bandsaw machines make efficient, quality cuts while increasing worker safety. Preventive maintenance procedure for any bandsaw operator includes the following: Check band wheels at every blade change Monitor band wheel bearings every six months — check for unusual wheel movement, replacing as needed Installation of guides must be in accordance with machine manufacturer’s instructions Inspect band guides every six months minimally Blade tension daily check At every blade change, inspect blade tension according to manufacturer’s recommendations Before removing …

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