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Materials Handling Affects Cutting Process

Materials handling is the process of loading, unloading, staging, and transferring of cutting materials. Different types of materials handling systems on bandsaw machines include power in and out feed roller conveyors, to cross- transfer systems, and the automated cut-to-weight systems. There are also sorting and ejection units. Some manufacturers will allow users to modify or upgrade materials handling systems on the bandsaw depending on the customers production needs. A solid materials handling system is important for any sawing operation: especially for fabricators that deal with bundles and large profiles. The primary use of a materials handling system is to assure …

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The Chip Brush

The chip brush is a nondescript equipment piece on both horizontal and vertical bandsaws. They are designed to increase blade performance by keeping the gullets free of debris. The chip brush performs a critical role in the function and lifespan of the blade and the machine. In order to produce a clean cut, clean gullets are necessary. It will reduce blade stripping, wear, and welded chips to the blade teeth. It will eliminate rough cuts and minimize blade bounce. Chip brushes on most bandsaws are mechanical and motor-driven. As the blade passes the spinning steel brush, the brush removes the spiral shaped chips from …

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