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Gullet Cracks

There is no substitute for a well designed, properly maintained, and fully functioning bandsaw machine. When things go wrong, it is usually due to maintenance having been avoided for any length of time. Avoiding gullet cracks is part of an ideal maintenance procedure. The gullet is the second hardest working bandsaw feature. A properly cleaned gullet is critical to achieving correct cut, appropriate band cooling and lubrication, and for adequate chip removal to occur. Gullet cracking stems from a number of variables, but the likely cause is the machine and not the blade. Band straightness, too tight blade guides, too high blade tension, too heavy a …

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Bandsaw Vise / Vise Clamp Use

Vises or vise clamps are used in every bandsaw operation:  woodworking, metalworking, and for cutting various objects. Both vise and clamp are used to describe the same thing, but technically, a vise clamp refers to a portable or hand-held clamping tool and a vise refers to a bench-mounted clamp. Both serve the same significant role in the cutting process: to hold materials in place, allowing work to be performed. They are particularly useful in cutting irregular or curved shapes but can also be used to produce straight cuts. They perform better at steady hold than flesh & bone hands, making it a safer bet as well. Vises are versatile enough …

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