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Foundry Carbide Blades

The bandsaw machine is considered to be one of the most versatile power tools as well as being essential in today’s factory production work. A properly equipped bandsaw that is expertly operated will easily cut through most material types. With metal cutting bandsaw blades, it is important to choose the right blade in order to achieve the desired end result. The increased demand of foundry and high production cutting applications prompted bandsaw blade manufacturers to design the foundry Carbide bandsaw blade. A Carbide blade is composed of a carbon compound for durability and requires less frequent replacement than a steel blade. Foundry …

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Saw Blade Selection Made Simple

Selection of the right blade for the right material in order to produce the best cut can be time-consuming. The need to undergo a lot of trial & error will lead to frustration for the bandsaw operator and unwanted down-time for the entire shop. To help make the selection process a bit easier, take a moment to consider such things as the materials to be cut, the blade dimensions, speed and feed rates, cut quality, production output, and the bandsaw machine settings. Knowing the answers to these key elements in any cutting operation will make the selection process simpler and result in obtaining the best overall …

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