SineWave® Bandsaw Blades

SineWave® technology is a developed technology for carbide and bi-metal bandsaw blades. Simonds application engineered SineWave® technology enhances cutting ability, reducing work time and increasing blade life.

SineWave® technology features a value-added broaching action by utilizing ramps on the back edge of the saw blade. This technology exerts more force into the cut without having to increase machine pressure.

SineWave® blade

SineWave® blade

Oscillating bandsaw technology uses a unique rocking motion that forces each tooth of the bandsaw blade to penetrate the work. SineWave®’s rocking motion ensures better tooth penetration for faster cutting rates while allowing the blade to cut with less pressure, extending blade life. SineWave® cuts work hardened materials 30% to 40% faster, can double blade life, and offers a more consistent cutting rate.

The blade exerts more force into the cut without having to increase the machine pressure. It grows in width, which will help to create a self-feeding action that delivers the faster cut rate. This means that bi-metal and carbide-tipped bandsaw blades with SineWave® technology are ideal for use on difficult-to-cut steels such as high chrome, tool, die, stainless, and nickel. They are also suitable for cutting titanium and other exotic metals.

In addition to its being ideal for use on certain materials, SineWave® technology will also prove itself with the following:

Cuts a significantly thinner kerf path to minimize material waste, doesn’t create high-heat conditions — eliminating the need to trim face pieces after initial cut, improves cut quality, and allows for the immediate recycling of cut chips.

There is no mixing of abrasive particles, it requires significantly less machine maintenance — aside from regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, and will consume a fraction of the electricity of abrasive wheels — even on the largest bandsaw machines on the market. The SineWave® produces significantly less heat, reducing the amount of cutting fluid used and evaporated into the environment.

Having this enhanced technology is beneficial not just for large, high production set-ups but also for smaller shops wanting to experience down-time reductions and cost-effective material usage while also minimizing bandsaw blade replacement.

The SineWave® bandsaw blade will definitely help increase business production. Vist Simonds International for more information.

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