SawBlade.com Bi-Metal Blade Choices

Bi-metal bandsaw blade choices include more than just one type of high-performance steel saw blade. Bi-metal blades are the combination of two metals — usually to create a stronger, more effective product — in this case, a bandsaw blade.

When it comes to bandsaw blade choices, high-performance M-42 steel combined with a more flexible alloy steel create a more efficient and cost-effective choice for metal cutting applications.

Bi-metal bandsaw blades are one of the world’s most advanced metal cutting tools. Compared to the traditional circular saw, bi-metal blades characteristically offer high cutting efficiency, a good quality cut, and they save energy as well.

Sawblade.com offers a variety of bi-metal bandsaw blades designed to work best depending on the types of materials being cut.

The 701 Series Haltbar M42 HP saw blade’s teeth are made from triple-tempered M-42 cobalt high-speed steel and a fatigue-resistant alloy steel strip.

The 701’s tooth edge design allows the teeth to cut in a fast, pulsating action and offer maximum blade performance.

The M42 HP is ideal for the production cutting of exotic and nickel-based alloys, high hardness steels, and other solids.

The 601 Series Haltbar M42 are general-purpose saw blades capable of cutting materials like die and mold steels, stainless steels, nickel-based alloy, and non-ferrous alloy.

The triple-tempered M-42 cobalt high-speed steel teeth utilize a fatigue-resistant alloy backing strip that resists heat, abrasion, and shock, allowing for faster cutting performance.

The 601 series offer longevity and chip clearance advantages through German saw technology and are available in a variety of TPI ranges.

The 601’s are ideal for contour, general-purpose cutting on both horizontal and vertical bandsaw machines as well as being capable of cutting 45 Hrc steels.

Both the 701 and 601 Series of bandsaw blade have unique advantages and both are designed to cut different types of materials.

Knowing the differences and their advantages help to improve quality of cut and increase production output. By using the appropriate saw blade for the types of materials being cut, these advantages are easier to achieve.

Customers will appreciate the saw blade recommendations offered at SawBlade.com as part of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


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