Replacing Bandsaw Wheels

When it comes time for replacing bandsaw wheels, questions asked in the customer service department include what type of wheels, and what type of machine.

It is essential to know these things in order to help determine the right wheel for the right machine.

There are different types of wheels available, and there are things to consider when purchasing new bandsaw wheels.

Bandsaw wheels keep the saw blade moving continuously while in operation, and there are two types of wheels available: the drive wheel and the idler wheel.

The drive wheel is the portion of a bandsaw’s pulley-like drive system that propels the blade forward. The idler wheel is used to transfer motion or guide and support the drive wheel.

When replacing bandsaw wheels by purchase of new, consider the following:

  • Wheels must be true round for even and constant pressure
  • Wheels must be balanced to eliminate vibration — (some bandsaw wheels cannot tolerate harmonic vibrations)
  • The brand and model of the bandsaw machine must match the wheel(s) — (each machine has its own unique form depending on the brand. The saw’s wheels depend on the structure of the saw itself, though some manufacturers make similar sized wheels for different models)
  • The diameter of the bandsaw wheel — (band wheel sizes differ and usually depend on the size of the machine: the larger the bandsaw, the bigger the wheel — this does not apply to all saws)
  • The thickness of the bandsaw wheel — (thickness may vary according to machine brand)
  • Bore size — (center hole of the wheel may vary depending on bandsaw manufacturer — distributors will look for the OD (outside dimension) and the ID (inside dimension) to help determine bore hole size.

These are some of the more important issues to consider when replacing bandsaw wheels becomes necessary. When purchasing new bandsaw wheels, the folks at SawBlade.com are always ready and willing to assist the needs of our customers.

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