Quick-Fix for an Inverted Bandsaw Blade

One problem that may arise during a cutting process would be to figure out how to turn a new bandsaw blade with teeth that appear to be facing backward.

The blade teeth are pointing in the wrong direction — inverted — resulting in it not being able to cut; the cause for which had likely occurred during the welding process.

Welding is the method used to join metal in creating a bandsaw blade.

During the welding process, the material is melded, after which it quickly solidifies. Grinding and annealing are also parts of the welding process, and these two need precise care to properly achieve weld strength in order to maximize the blade for efficient use.

During the grinding process, the blade is turned outside out to assure that the inside weld is as smooth as the outside, which will allow the blade a smooth run on the wheels and tires.

A busy welder may have simply forgotten to readjust the blade from inside to outside-out.

It isn’t to say that the blade was designed incorrectly or that the teeth were installed backwards but that the welder simply forgot to turn the blades back to their original position.

It is an easy and quick fix to return a bandsaw blade back to normal.

After grinding down the welded seam on the inside of the blade, simply hold the blade in both hands — away from the body — and flip the blade inside out.

To achieve maximum safety, be sure to wear welding gloves to protect the hands and fingers.

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