Q905 Series Rip Portable Mill/Resaw Blade

The Q905 Series – Rip Portable Mill and Resaw Blade is a bandsaw blade that is primarily used for resaw purposes, ripping, and wood processing application.

This blade is just one of the new materials that Sawblade.com has to offer.

Resaw application is commonly found in wood shops. It is a process of cutting boards or logs into thinner pieces of material. Most woodworkers prefer using a bandsaw instead of a circular saw for most re-saw and/or wood cutting applications.

Unlike a circular saw, a bandsaw does not cause kickback. Minimum loss and efficient cutting operation/ finish are achieved due to a bandsaw’s narrow kerf and vertical blade movement. Another bandsaw use for re-saw application is to accommodate any standard sized wood or even whole logs.

One of the newest blades that Sawblade.com offers is the Q905 Series – Rip Portable Mill and Resaw Blade.

The Q905 offers a wide range of benefits from a high production bandsaw blade including minimum loss, great service reliability, and longer blade life.

The durability and 100% sharpened teeth allows operators to make more cuts, spend less time on the cut, and lowers blade cost since frequent blade changes aren’t required. Its power, efficiency, and durability allow operators to make accurate cuts in a smaller amount of time.

Sawblade.com helps those in the metal cutting industry as well as the wood shop worker. We aim to provide all bandsaw operators with saw blades that not only provide accurate and smooth cuts but that help operators, business owners, and hobbyist minimize cost.

Q905 Series is a saw blades that Sawblade.com is proud to offer!

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