Purchasing a Used Bandsaw Machine

When purchasing a used bandsaw machine, there are a few things to realize and check thoroughly in order to make an informed decision and a satisfactory purchase. Things that will assure full functioning — as would be expected in any machine purchase, new or used.

Here are some of the important considerations and what to check for when purchasing a used bandsaw machine.

  • Band wheels should be in good shape and not wobble. Grab each wheel with both hands and push with one hand while pulling with the other.
  • Check to see that the wheels are fairly balanced.
  • Check the bearings by spinning the wheels to see if they are in good condition.
  • Check the tires. Make sure they are in good shape — grooves mean they need to be replaced.
  • Check the guide block and adjustment knobs.
  • Make sure that the tracking and tensioning adjustments both work.
  • Check under the table for plastic or metal trunnions — they are costly yet easy to break and nearly impossible to replace.
  • Check to assure that the motor and brake both work.
  • Check the table — assure that it is flat across the diagonals, and that the throat is in acceptable condition.
  • Check for an on/off switch — older saw models don’t have one — this is dangerous and for safety reasons should not be used.
  • Check for any missing parts and be sure to find out if those parts are replaceable.
  • Run the machine — listen for any unusual noises and to check for vibration.
  • Check for things like cracks and breakage.
  • Ask the previous owner about the types of projects they had performed using that bandsaw.

Considering the possible problems that might arise in operating a used bandsaw machine and their various forms of resolution is a great way to end the process of an informed decision.

Whatever the circumstances, be thorough and critical when inspecting a used bandsaw. There are many ways in which the purchase of a used bandsaw can turn into an expensive decision that results in being less cost-effective than having purchased one brand new.

Play it safe and be wise. Use good judgment — that gut reaction — when purchasing a used bandsaw machine.

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