Proper Blade Break-In Procedure

Proper bandsaw blade break-in means achievement of a smooth operation via perfectly cut materials, resulting in a successful output — accountability at its easiest and best.

One aspect of an operator’s responsibility to professional accountability in the sawing industry is to achieve proper installation and maintain full function of bandsaw blades.

Assuring proper bandsaw blade break-in is crucial to the industry, and some bandsaw operators will agree that the best advice to heed is a relatively simple mind-game of sorts — to think of the saw blade as a new pencil with a sharp tip. Too much pressure and the tip breaks, and with extended use, the tip becomes blunt. Over time, the tip becomes useless and needs to be replaced.

The same is true of bandsaw blades. Proper break-in procedure followed by daily maintenance practices will help to prolong saw blade life.

Getting what is paid for and achieving successful output are important factors to consider when utilizing a new or used bandsaw blade. Proper new blade break-in followed by daily, used blade maintenance are crucial to the expected standards of operation.

Following these simple steps will save money and avoid down-time.

  • Set the bandsaw speed to the recommended setting per the manufacturer
  • Reduce the speed pressure and/or saw head drop by 50% of regular production rate for the first 100 square inches
  • Check for good chip quality
  • Gradually increase blade speed until desired cut is achieved


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