Measuring Saw Blades Without Cutting

Measuring Saw Blades Without Cutting — Like many items that may have been procured second-hand or a long time ago, the chances of having the owner’s manual that came with the piece is usually slim. If that is the case, then today’s post should offer a bit of help meant to help explain how measuring a bandsaw blade without the need for cutting.

For bandsaws that have been in use for awhile, the actual length of that blade can be a tricky number to determine. However, with a little bit of measuring, the number is easier to find than one might think.

Here are the steps to take in order to find the correct saw blade length:

  1. Open the saw
  2. Mark the blade with a marker
  3. Take a tape measure and roll it around the blade one full turn from that mark
  4. Stop when you arrive at the mark again
  5. There is your measurement

If there isn’t a blade to be measured, simply run the idler wheel all the way down — as low as it can go.

This means turning the crank handle so that the wheel moves in closer to the other wheel, thereby making the distance between the two wheels shorter.

Now, use fishing line (if handy) or any available string that isn’t too heavy, thick, or cumbersome, (sometimes the non-stick side of masking tape will work) and wrap it around the wheels until the two ends come together.

Mark that spot on the string (or cut that amount of string) and use that measure device against a tape measure in order to obtain the true length needed to procure a new saw blade.

These two easy methods are meant to help measure any bandsaw blade without the need for cutting, and neither is all that time-consuming or tedious.

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