Materials Handling

Materials handling is the process of moving, controlling, protecting, and storing materials for manufacture, disposal, distribution, or consumption. Materials need to be handled properly in order to have them safely reach their final destination in maintained quality and in excellent condition.

Adding and taking away materials from a bandsaw machine slows production rates regardless of the machine’s cutting speed. Proper materials handling will minimize the time it takes to distribute and then store materials — removing the need for repetitious set-cut-remove-store procedure.

With efficient materials handling, accidents are avoided and worker stress decreases, making the employee’s job safe and effortless. Less handling of the materials means less chance for quality and condition issues.

To avoid repeat procedures, a standard protocol in materials handling needs implementation so the time waste factor is eliminated and production cost issues are improved. Materials cost is a factor taken into consideration by all bandsaw owners, along with their wanting to assure that all materials being cut are done so with precision and speed.

The materials handling function reflects on the efficiency and ability of the saw blade and the machine.

Besides the utilization of a materials handling device, it is just as important to maintain the machine being used to cut the materials being warehoused or shipped. Check for blade quality and make sure the right band is being implemented on the right materials.

Employing a materials handling system signifies efficiency; an indication of time-saving measures being employed and that cost is being spared. The accident prevention level is low, job satisfaction is high, and production rates are at their best. A properly designed materials handling system is a win for the company.

By adding a continuous stock feed to a bandsaw, proper materials handling is achieved, saving time and helping to bring down production costs.

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