The Marvel 8 Series of Bandsaws

Marvel Manufacturing Company, Inc. is one of the most experienced bandsaw machine manufacturers in the industry. The Wisconsin-based company develops and produces both horizontal and vertical bandsaws in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic modes.



The Marvel 8 Series are one of the most popular bandsaw machine lines of the highest quality in the metal sawing industry. They provide for a wide variety of machine specifics and the 8 Series are designed for safety, efficiency, durability, and quality performance.

The Marvel Series 8 Mark I vertical bandsaw is designed for continuous operation. It can be used to cut structural stock and rectangular, round, thin or thick-walled tubular material.

The saw head can be set at up to 45° left or right without moving the stock. This machine can be used to make either straight or miter cuts.

The Marvel Series 8 Mark II is a semi-automatic vertical bandsaw with a 45° cutting capacity of up to 18” x 22”.  A tilt frame makes it capable of a 3° cant.

Universally recognized, the Mark II is famous for its versatility.

This machine will accommodate straight , special, and miter cutting as well as heavy structural materials. It provides fast and accurate pipe, structural, steel, and solid stock cutting.



The Marvel Series 8 Mark III is an automatic vertical bandsaw with a pneumatic system, mitering capabilities, and up to 18″ x 22″ cutting capacity.

The Mark III offers up to 60° left or right miter cutting capacity while keeping the work stationary. There is the ability for the operator to set the saw blade at 3° forward cant.

The Marvel 8 Series of bandsaw machines are high-end and best suited to most any type of production process.

The I, II, and II models are speedy, high-quality, and user friendly. The convenient controls make them easy to operate. The unique coolant system flush hose and power chip brush help to lengthen blade and machine life.

The 8 Series bandsaws are also easy to install and come with a troubleshooting guide that covers every possible issue encountered with the installation and use of a brand new machine. The instruction manual is detailed yet simple to follow.

A preferable work table design, quick action vise and carriage, exclusive power feed controls for automatic feed and speed rates control make the Marvel 8 Series a proven leader in the industry.

Owning one will prove beneficial in production output, cost-effective in reliability, and productive in long life expectancy.

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