M42 601 Bandsaw Blades

A bi-metal bandsaw blade that covers the broadest range of sawing applications and materials, the M42 601 Series bandsaw blade is suitable for everything from production cutting to general purpose sawing.

The assembly technique used to create the M42 will guarantee top cutting performance time and again. Aggressive tooth geometries coupled with M42 high-speed steel tooth tips attached to a fatigue-resistant backer help to make it general-duty durable.

The Haltbar 601 M42 Bandsaw Blade is an inexpensive blade that offers an accurate cut as well as being durable enough to outlast other saw blades, making it ideal for cutting a wide range of alloys. The high-speed edge improves wear resistance and the over-size blade body increases beam strength, leading to more cuts per blade.

Recommended for steel service centers, medium and large manufacturers, fabricators, and tool and die shops.

It has the ability to cut carbon, chrome, tool steel, die steel, stainless steel, nickel base steel, structurals, pipe, tubing, and mixed metal applications.

The variable tooth set consists of teeth set alternately right and left at regular intervals with a raker tooth (left-right-left-right), making it an excellent blade for cutting a variety of shapes and pipe from 15 mm wall thickness on up. A variable tooth set will also help reduce tooth stripping that occurs when cutting hard materials.

The regular tooth pattern is broken up to reduce noise, offering less vibration and chatter, making it suitable for a wider range of cutting. Vibration in the cut will significantly shorten the life of the bandsaw blade.

Featuring the longevity and chip clearing advantages of German saw technology, the Haltbar 601 M42 is available in a variety of tooth pitches up to a maximum width of 1/20.

Designed to resists heat, abrasion, and shock, the M42 will allow for faster cutting rates and is ideal for contour and general purpose cutting on horizontal and vertical bandsaw machines.

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