Improper Use of Bandsaw Blades

Bandsaw blades are manufactured through a special process that depends on the type of bandsaw machine it is specially designed to be used with, and each blade must pass several observation points before it can be labeled a high-quality blade.

Improper use of bandsaw blades will lead to breaks.

A lot of factors will actually lead to blade breakage, such as too much tension, high feed or speed rates, use of the improper blade type, inaccurately sized blade guides, and improper operating procedure.

Some can blame it on blade quality without considering the other factors mentioned above, which will all adversely affect the blade’s proper performance and life span.

Some bandsaw machine operators will weld broken saw blades thinking it is a cost-saving measure, but is it?

If a blade is improperly welded, it compromises the original quality of the blade — it is no longer the blade purchased, nor is it still capable of producing the type of cut it was originally designed to produce.

When welding a broken saw blade, it should be ground properly. The broken surface should be smooth enough not to cause any issues in further cutting processes. Small cobbles or burrs — a typical weld result — will have an adverse affect on the blade’s proper tracking. The blade is now prone to having stripped teeth, which will give a crooked or inaccurate cut and lead to unsatisfactory output.

A re-welded saw blade is also prone to breaking as compared to a new blade.

The welded part of the blade has now become its weakest point. Any contact, no matter how slight, with the welded point of the saw blade will trigger the break. This equates to wasted time and effort in welding the broken saw blade and compound the sacrifice of materials wasted due to inaccurate cuts.

A re-welded saw blade may seem like a cost-effective measure, but consider the time, effort, and materials wasted by using one and that logic turns out to be false.

A quality saw blade purchased from a reputable distributor helps to achieve a successful end product. Consider all of the factors that lead up to blade breakage and then implement ways in which to avoid them is more logical. Knowledge of these factors will help to lengthen the life of the saw blade and give the bandsaw machine its proper functioning capabilities.

It will also definitely work as a cost-saving measure.

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