Hi-Lo Bandsaw Blades


A brief post about the Hi-Lo Bandsaw Blades usage and features.

Most of the blogs about blades include the proper usage of blades and the appropriate work load that would fit for a specific type of blade. Most of the discussion centers around the carbon and bi-metal blades.

These two types of blade are the most commonly used blades in the industry today, but what about the Hi-Lo bandsaw blade? This type of blade is useful and special in many ways.

The Hi-Lo is a blade that allows for more types of cutting surfaces and an increased rate of cut. It is similar to the 701 bi-metal blade in that it is designed to improve surface finishes while maintaining high heat and wear resistance.

Hi-Lo blades are designed to reduce cutting resistance. This feature allows the saw blade to effectively cut work hardening materials. This makes the Hi-Low suitable for cutting not only materials that harden during the cutting process but also for large diameter materials such as stainless steel and hot, work die steel.

If you are looking for a durable bandsaw blade with lasting work life to be utilized on difficult to cut or hard materials, then the Hi-Low bandsaw blade is the right choice to make.

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