HE&M Saw’s WF160LM-DC Band Saw

HE&M Saw’s WF160LM-DC Band Saw.

HE&M Saw earned its worldwide reputation as a trusted manufacturer of band saw machines by providing the best service and support to their customers. Along with their top quality selection of band saw machines, they have added the WF160LM-DC to their wide-flange saw series.

The HE&M Saw WF160LM-DC is specifically designed for cutting wide flange beams. It will provide an exceptional cutting capacity of 25” high by 30” wide. This is an automatic dual column band saw that gives incredibly fast cutting rates and outstanding accuracy. The machine is powered by a 15hp motor and 5hp hydraulic system.

The WF160LM-DC band saw is loaded with standard features.

It has a Swing- Away Console – Manual Control to provide all of the operator controls and allow the operator to safely perform the cutting operation in a single location.

A Power Guide Arm for quick adjusting of the blade guides spacing allows for excellent blade support and to achieve precise cuts.

Changing of the band saw blades on this saw is easy with the use of the Guide Cap Camlocks.

The widely spaced 24” Roller Discharge Table allows the operator to move the material forward or backwards.

A Flood Coolant System helps to keep the band saw blade cooled and lubricated.

The WF160LM-DC band saw also comes equipped with a Full Stroking Vise, a Bi-Directional Main Vise, a Variable Frequency Controller, an LED Blade Speed Readout, Lead In/Lead Out Roller Guides, and an Adjustable Feed Rate and Cutting Force.

The HE&M Saw WF160LM-DC band saw runs using a 26′ 9” length x 2” width x .063” thickness blade with an arm cant of 9.2 degrees. Flat carbide blade guides are available to give solid support to the blade and to increase blade life. The Blade Chip Brush is standard and also helps to prolong blade life by keeping the blade gullet free from metal chip debris. Blade Guards for safe operation are also standard.

These standard features can be enhanced by the optional features:

  • Chip Conveyor System
  • Bi- Directional Outboard Powered Vise
  • Full Capacity Top Clamp – Main Vise
  • Full Capacity Top Clamp – Outboard Vise
  • Cut Watcher System
  • Laser Light System
  • Shadow Light System
  • Hydraulic Computer Controlled Traverse
  • Spray Mist Lubrication System
  • 2-5/8” Blade Option and Pedestal Mounted Console

The use of advanced technology on the HE&M Saw WF160LM-DC band saw machine will help to enable a high level of performance, unparalleled productivity, and increased profitability.


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