The HE&M Saw WF130HA-DC-C Band Saw

The HE&M Saw WF130HA-DC-C Band Saw.

HE&M Saw offers solid band saw machines for wide-flange cutting applications, and the WF130HA-DC-C is a dual column band saw with exceptional durability that is designed to withstand large cutting jobs.

Featuring a 18” high x 27” wide cutting capacity, 1oHP motor, and 2Hp for hydraulic system, the WF130HA-DC-C is a powerful and ideal wide-flange band saw that is designed to perform with superior accuracy and excellent efficiency. This fully automated band saw uses a 21” long blade x 1 1/2” x .050” band saw blade.

The WF130HA-DC-C not only offers stability but also excellent operation with the help of some unrivaled standard features.

The Swing- Away Console – All Function Control allows the operator to control the cut while seeing the process clearly.

A 24” Roller Discharge Table is built into the machine for convenient material removal.

A Material Jog system that slowly moves the material to the correct position.

Its Powered Guide Arm system gives the operator an easy way to adjust the blade guide spacing.

The Powered Blade Tension automatically sets the proper tension on the blade.

An Adjustable Feed Rate system to adjust the rate of indexing the stock.

The Adjustable Cutting Force system allows the operator to put optimum cutting pressure in each cut.

Another innovative feature of the HE&M Saw WF130HA-DC-C Band Saw is the Cut Watcher System that detects blade deviation and the Inverter Blade Drive. It has a Chip Conveyor System to remove the chips on the cutting area, and a Flood Coolant System to wash the chips from the blade while lubricating.

One of the optional features this band saw is Spray Mist Lubrication System for alternative coolant system.

This wide-flange band saw provides Full Stroking Bi-Directional Vises, 0-72” Stroke Bar-Feed with Roller (all the way through), Lead In/ Lead Out Roller Guides, and an LED Blade Speed Readout.

Optional features for The HE&M Saw WF130HA-DC-C Band Saw include:

Guide Cap Camlocks, Bi-Directional Outboard Powered Vise, Bi-Directional Third Vise on Feed, Set of Full Capacity of Top Clamp, Laser Light System, Hydraulic Computer Controlled Traverse, Spray Mist Lubrication System and Pedestal Mounted Console.

All available for enhanced performance of any cutting operation.

The HE&M Saw WF130HA-DC-C Band Saw is one of the high performance machine on the series. Its unique features are designed to help maximize cutting performance, and it is engineered to deliver optimum solutions to all sawing needs.


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