HE&M Saw’s WF190LA-DC-C Band Saw

HE&M Saw offers the WF190LA-DC-C wide-flange band saw machine. This horizontal automatic band saw is designed specifically for cutting wide-flange beams with capacities ranging from 25” high to 44” wide.

It features a dual-column design, and the pair of huge columns provide for an exceptional amount of strength and precision for fast and accurate cutting results.

The WF190LA-DC-C uses a 15hp motor and another 5hp motor for the hydraulics. The machine is designed to accommodate a 26’9” blade length x 2” blade width x .063” blade thickness. It can be set to a 9.2 degree permanent arm tilt.

Standard features on WF190LA-DC-C band saw that help to make it such an efficient and profitable machine for production cutting include :

  • Swing-Away Console — all-function control allows the operator to position the control panel at any angle to maintain an excellent view of machine operation and job set-up
  • Third Vise on Feed — assures positive alignment of the material and provides for an additional clamping surface area
  • Material Jogging — allows the operator to slowly inch the material forward until it is in the desired position
  • Guide Cap Camlocks — for fast and easy changing of the band saw blade
  • Chip Conveyor System — helps to remove the chips from the saw
  • Cut Watcher System — monitors the cut for squareness to a pre-set deviation value
  • Powered Blade Tension — when a new blade is installed and the slack has been removed by a simple manual adjustment, powered blade tension automatically sets the blade to the proper tension and maintains it until a new blade is needed
  • Powered Guide Arm — allows the operator to adjust the guide spacing for optimal blade support to ensure square cuts
  • 24” Roller Discharge Table — for moving material forward or back for manual or automatic indexing of cutting stock
  • Flood Coolant System — for effective blade cooling
  • Computer Controlled Feed System — provides an easy and quick adjustment for proper feed settings

In addition, the WF190LA-DC-C Band Saw Machine offers Full Stroking Bi-Directional Vises, a 0-72″ Stroke Bar-Feed System w/ Multiple Indexes & Drop-In Rollers, Lead In/Lead Out Roller Guides, a Variable Frequency Controller, an LED Blade Speed Readout, and an Adjustable Feed Rate and Cutting Force.

Optional Features on the HE&M Saw WF190LA-DC-C are a Bi-directional Outboard Powered Vise, a set of Full Capacity Top Clamp- Main and Feed Vises, a Full Capacity Top Clamp – Outboard Vise, a Laser Light System, a Shadow Light System, a Hydraulic Computer Controlled Traverse, a Spray Mist Lubrication System, 2 – 5/8” Blade, a Pedestal Mounted Console, and a Free Standing Console.

Like other HE&M Saw wide-flange band saw machines, the WF190LA-DC-C utilizes flat carbide blade guides for solid support to each side of the blade and to help increase the stability of the blade while cutting through stock. It also features a blade chip brush and safety guards.

HE&M Saw’s WF190LA-DC-Cb band saw is perfect for handling all your wide-flange cutting needs.


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