HE&M Saw’s WF140HM-DC Band Saw

HE&M Saw’s WF140HM-DC Band Saw.

HE&M Saw specializes in manufacturing metal cutting band saw machines to suit a wide range of needs in the metal cutting industry. One of the wide-flange band saws is the WF140HM-DC. This high-quality, dual column band saw will meet the demands of steel service centers, large production shops, and job shops that specialize in wide-flange cutting applications.

The HE&M Saw WF140HM-DC is known for its durability and accuracy-of-cut. The machine is powered by 10hp motor and 2hp for the hydraulics system.

One of the impressive specifications of this band saw is its capacity to cut up to 21” round, 20” high x 44” wide stock. This band saw requires the use of a 28’6” long x 2” wide x .063 thick blade, leaving room for a 7° arm tilt.

The design and standard features of the HE&M Saw WF140HM-DC assure an accurate cut, high productivity rates, and ease of operation.

The Swing-Away Console allows the operator to control the machine operations in an optimum ergonomic position. The vise incorporates Full Stroking with Roller for tight clamping of any material, and the Outboard Powered Vise Discharge (with Roller) holds the material on the discharge side of the blade.

The Powered Guide Arm helps to achieve more accurate cuts and is designed to be very heavy. Powered Blade Tension automatically sets the proper blade tension when a new blade is installed. A 24” Roller Discharge Table is available for smooth removal of the material.

The WF140HM-DC offers an Adjustable Feed Rate and LED Blade Speed Read Out for accurate speed display. It has an Adjustable Cutting Force for precise control when applying the feed rate, and a Shadow Light System for convenient material length measurement. A Flood Coolant System offers better lubrication.

Optional features of the WF140HM-DC band saw, meant to help enhance convenience, production, and versatility include:

  • A Chip Auger System
  • Full Capacity Top Clamp – Main Vise
  • Full Capacity Top Clamp – Outboard Vise
  • Cut Watcher System, Laser Light System
  • 15 HP Drive Motor
  • Spray Mist Lubrication System
  • Hydraulic Computer Controlled Traverse and Pedestal Mounted Console

The HE&M Saw WF140HM-DC is an ideal and powerful band saw machine that will help to make the most of your production time through consistent reliability, performance, and accurate cutting results.


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