HE&M Saw’s V140HA-60 Band Saw Machine

HE&M Saw’s V140HA-60 Band Saw Machine is a semi-automatic vertical band saw that uses a 1.5″ x 20′ x .050″ band saw blade powered by a 10hp motor and a 5hp hydraulics system. This is the ideal miter cutting band saw for a vast array of applications.

The V140HA-60 band saw has the ability to miter from 60° left to 60° right. This model is one of a kind in the HE&M Saw V-Series Line up with a saw head that can cut at 90° and be adjusted to cut at a fixed 4° head cant.

Miter capabilities range from 20” H x 22” left at 45°, 20” H x 22” right at 45°, 13.5” H x 22” left at 60°, and 13” H x 22” right at 60°.

This saw cuts fast, with 0-48″ Bar Feed System with Multiple Indexes. In addition, it has a Swing-Away Console – All Function Control, where all the manual and automatic controls are located. The console can be moved by the operator to the most convenient position.

The V140HA-60 heavy duty band saw has a Broken Blade Indicator that detects a blade problem, and an Out of Stock Indicator that prompts the saw to shut down when the vise closes with no material between its jaws.

A Blade Saver System helps to prevent damage to the blade during operation. This is very helpful when cutting bundles as it reduces cost and increases blade life. The Power Blade Brush removes chips from the blade, preventing the chips from re-entering the cut.

The HE&M Saw V140HA-60 uses Carbide Guides for an optimum blade alignment, and a Powered Guide Arm provides for accurate cuts in any material. This saw features a Cut Watcher System that monitors the cut for squareness to a pre-set deviation value. This is a must for production cutting.

Other great features are an Adjustable Blade Speed, Adjustable Clamping Force, a Computer Controlled Feed System, and Electronic Controlled Traverse (Controls Feed Rate & Cutting Force).

Flood Coolant System w/Wash-Down Hose, a Forward Cut Stop, and a Full Stroking Main & Feed Vise. Idle Base Rollers – one for each side of base. Material Jogging, a Powered Tilt w/Angle Readout, and a Programmable Tilt, Safety Guards, Solid State Programmable Logic Controller, Powered Blade Tension, and an Electrical Motor Requirement of 220V/440V/3PH.

This reliable band saw is also packed with Optional Features:

  • 10′ Clutched Powered Discharge Table
  • 10′ Idle Roller Stock Table
  • 10′ Powered Roller Stock Table
  • 10′ Roller Discharge Table
  • 2nd Main Vise
  • 3rd Holding Vise on Feed
  • 5′ Idle Roller Stock Table
  • 5′ Roller Discharge Table
  • Full Capacity Top Clamp – Feed Vise
  • Laser Light System
  • Manual Hand-Crank Chip Conveyor
  • Power Raised Lift Up Rollers
  • Powered Chip Conveyor
  • Reduced Capacity Top Clamp – Feed Vise
  • Reduced Capacity Top Clamp – Main Vise
  • Right to Left Feed Direction
  • Spray Mist Lubrication
  • Swing-Away Top Clamp – Main Vise
  • 72″ Stroke Bar-Feed (Multiple Indexes) – All Rollers w/ 3rd Vise.

HE&M Saw’s V140HA-60 Band Saw Machine is ideally designed to provide best quality performance and accuracy.


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